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Who should consider this course?

Marketing is required in every sector and industry. It includes, but not limited to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Consumer Durables, Industrial Goods, Service Industries like Banking, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Education, Transportation and Government/ NGO sectors and etc.,

In order to become a successful marketing professional, one must possess or develop the following skills/ traits:
• Innovative Thinker
• Energetic and Enthusiastic
• Creativity
• Interpersonal Skills
• Business Acumen and being “Street Smart”
• Adaptability
• Great Listeners and Observers
• Team Player

If students aspiring to pursue an MBA in Marketing Management possess or develop the above skills, they will be best suited for Marketing Management roles. Hence, students with Humanities, Commerce, Business Management, Arts, Science, Engineering or any other educational background can consider MBA in Marketing Management and build a successful career

There is a common misconception among Indian Middle Class Population that all Marketing Roles require a lot of Travel and Field Work and hence it may not be suitable for Women. This is completely wrong and Women with the above traits have been doing exceeding well in Marketing Roles all over the world, including India. If you look at any job portal today, one can see a lot of entry level Marketing Management roles in areas like Digital Marketing, CRM, Inside Sales and etc., that doesn’t require someone to be “on the field” even as a fresher.