Ecommerce with Artificial Intelligence

The technology has an impact on the life we lead. From growing crops to food processing and from how we communicate to how we do business, AI has some kind of contribution in all aspects of our life.

Global businesses are rapidly adopting AI to streamline and fortify their processes. Have you ever realized that most of the popular ecommerce portals have deployed AI to handle customer interactions.


SEO is abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization. The objective of SEO is to increase traffic of the websites using various techniques. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing go through all the pages of websites using programs called "Crawlers" on the internet to collect information and store. Search engines use a specific search algorithm to show results based on keywords searched. SEO is primarily used to order the way keyword-based links are shown to the end user. A prospective customer or buyer search for information on the Internet when a seller gets listed based on the level their site is positioned. The technique of showing results on top may be accomplished using organic or paid methods.


Voice Assistant Transforming Information Landscape

Voice Assistants are the virtual Assistants that use the technique of voice recognition. This technique can provide answers to the queries of users through phone and voice recognition applications. These are nowadays used in various areas to provide proper services to the user. They are built by Artificial Intelligence. Once the user interact with the virtual assistant, then AI programming uses certain algorithms understands the input and identifies the user needs. There are different set of algorithms used by AI according to the type of the query.


Leadership in the Digital World

‘Being human in the digital world  is about building a digital world for humans’ is one of the famous saying like that the growth in digital technology has provided human life with lots of opportunities in many areas like science, economy, studies and many other fields.This digital world provides immense benefits in connecting and collaborating with the people all over the world. This growth in knowledge and technology is very powerful and gives every human a responsibility. Due to this automation of services human works are done by the digital technology.

Creative HR Job Titles

Recently, HR job titles have begun to expand beyond traditional titles. More established companies are also starting to experiment with different HR job titles as a way of acknowledging the expanded range of responsibilities now taken on by HR professionals. Some of the highly paid creative HR jobs are listed below

Profitable Business Area for Home Makers

The growing diverse job opportunities in emerging fields have opened new avenues for home-based jobs and businesses. This is a blessing for housewives and moms as they get a dual benefit of earning more money by doing business from their homes while having enough time for their families. Apart from the regular business cake making, candle making, selling homemade foods, beauty parlours etc, there are a lot of creative and profitable opportunities available in the following areas.

Drones In Modern Business Management

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), colloquially known as drones, are reinventing old businesses and creating newer opportunities for modern business management.Either remotely controlled by a human operator or autonomously by onboard computers, the use of drones has grown rapidly in recent years with increasing number of organisations investing in drones for their commercial operations.

The Role of HR in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) sector has been playing a significant role in strengthening country’s economic progress as they contribute around 40% of the manufacturing output and accounts for over 8% of the national GDP. Despite of their incredible growth so far, SMEs are still facing some of the inherent challenges related to people and culture which can be essentially addressed by an ideal HR leader.

Cryptocurrenices- The Future in Investments

Cryptocurrency is essentially virtual coins or digital money which can be transferred between individuals without the need for any financial intermediaries. Apart from the well-known bitcoin, we also have others like Litecoin(LTC),Ethereum (ETH),Zcash (ZEC),Dash (DASH), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR) etc.