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Today’s Business Environment requires Business Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs to keep themselves abreast with Management, Business and Technology trends relevant for their Businesses. Constantly working towards being a better and more productive professional is essential for achieving career growth. According to McKinsey, between 2015 and 2030, approximately 375 million professionals might need to switch occupations and learn new skills.

In this context, Executive education has been fast gaining traction because it is designed specifically for Executives and Professionals who need to push their career forward. If someone wants to extend and expand their career, executive education is a prominent part of that process.

KVIM conducts programmes for Business Executives/Working professionals to help them enhance their management skills and equip themselves to take up bigger roles within their organisations. Here is the List of EED programs that have been organized by KVIM in the recent past:

  • HR Analytics
  • Advanced AI and ML Certification Program
  • A Focused Workshop on Stimulating Startups
  • One Day Workshop on “Implementation of Lean Methodology”
  • SPSS & AMOS in Industrial & Academic Research
  • HR & Workforce Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Accelerator

Do you want your employees to be part of any of the above Programs or do you want them to be trained on any other Management Areas? We can help you. Please call or mail us at .