It contains core and ancillary books related to business administration. A limited number of books of general interest are also available. The total numbers of books available at present are 4,000. New books are purchased every year. In addition over 800 e-journals are subscribed for the library.

Working Hours

1. The library is kept open between 10.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. on all weekdays i.e. from Monday to Friday.
2. Book transactions will be available during the working hours.

Borrower's Ticket

1. Three tickets are issued to senior students and one to first year students.
2. If a ticket is damaged or lost, the matter should be reported to the principal. A duplicate ticket will be issued only on payment of a fine of Rs.100/- per ticket.
3. Not more than two replacements of tickets will be made to any student.
4. The borrower shall be responsible for any loss or non-return of books issued against his/her tickets.
5. The students must return their tickets to the library on completion of the course.

Conditions for Issue of Books

1. Books will be issued only on production of borrower's ticket with proper acknowledgment on book card concerned. At the time of borrowing books, student shall produce their identity cards to avoid impersonation. However, the person named on the ticket is solely responsible for the book borrowed on it. On any cause books will not be lent out without proper charging.
2. On receiving a book, the student shall satisfy himself/herself that the book is in good condition. Cases of defacement of books must be immediately brought to the notice of the librarian, failing which the borrower will be held responsible for the defacement of books.
3. Periodicals, dictionaries and other reference books will not be lent out.
4. Under special circumstances, the principal may refuse to issue books or recall the books already issued to a member without assigning any reason therefore.
5. Books borrowed from the library should be returned at the expiry of due date. Books which are special demand will be lent for such shorter period as may be called for at any time, if necessary.
6. A student against whom any overdue or other charges are outstanding or against whom any misbehavior in the library is reported, will not be allowed to use the library or borrow until he/she clears the dues to the library or apologizes for his / her misbehavior. Principal's decision is final in this regard.
7. The final year out-going students must return the library books and produce no due certificate from the library for getting their exam hall tickets. All the other students must return the books as soon as the theory exams are over.
8. Borrowers tickets are not transferable


1. Books may be renewed for a further period of 3 months provided the books are produced at the library for renewal along with identity card.
2. Not more than one renewal will be allowed for the same book. The book must be returned as soon as the semester exams are over. Otherwise the borrower will be penalized as per discretion.


1. The books taken out on loan should be returned by the borrower within 3 months from the date of issue. The due date will be stamped in the book slip posted on the front page of the book.
2. Defaulters shall pay a fine of 0.50 paise per day per book up to 10 days from the due date after which the fine levied will be Rs.1.00 per day per book.
3. Students who fail to pay the fines for belated return of books will not be eligible to borrow books until they clear their dues.
4. Students of I semester to VII semester should return all the books as soon as their theory exams are over.
5. The membership of the borrowers will be terminated if the student fails to return the books after the semester examinations are over in every academic year.

Loss of Books

1. Loss of library books should be reported to the Principal immediately in writing.
2. The borrowers shall be held responsible for any damages to the books/journals belonging to the library and they shall replace such books/journals or pay double the value thereof along with a penalty.

General Instructions

1. The students shall sign in the register before entering the library.
2. Books and other articles should be left in the racks kept for this purpose at the entrance.
3. Absolute silence should be maintained in the library.
4. Any damage done to either books/journals or other properties of the library shall be made good by the member causing the damage.
5. No member shall write or make any mark on books/journals of the library.
6. Users shall not mutilate the arrangement of books / on the shelves. Purposeful misplacement / any misbehavior will disqualify the user from membership.