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KV Institute of Management and Information Studies (KVIM), one of the Top Ranked Management Institutes in Coimbatore with a consistent 100% MBA Placements Track Record offers 2 Year MBA Program in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. The reasonable fee structure for MBA course at KVIMguaranteesone of the best Value for Money MBA degrees in India

What is MBA in “Logistics & Supply Chain Management”?

It is a subset of Supply Chain Management and the role of “Logistics is primarily related to the transportation/ movement of goods across the various Business Stakeholders.

Let us assume that a Company in Sriperumbudur assembles Laptops and sells to consumers all over India. This company will buy components (or raw materials) from multiple vendors in India and abroad to assemble the laptop. The components will be assembled to a Laptop and then the Finished Product (Laptop) will be sold to customers through multiple channels like Company Owned Showrooms, Modern Retailers (e.g:Croma/ Reliance Digital, E-Zone), E-Commerce portals like &Flipkart and also directly to customers through an In-Bound Customer Service CallCentre or Company’s Website.

This requires movement of Components (Raw Materials) from Suppliers to the Manufacturer and the movement Finished Products to End Consumers using one of the distribution channels listed above. The movement of Finished Goods may generally involve one or more Warehouses or Distribution Centres before it reached the Retail Stores or Customer Directly.

Supply Chain Management:
The scope of Supply Chain Management is much broader than Logistics and this encompasses the Management of a wide range of activities that includes procurement, manufacturing and logistics operations. Management includes Planning, Executing and Control of all the activities involved in above operations. Simply put, SCM integrates Demand and Supply management across the internal and external stakeholders of a Company

MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management is a 2 Year Post Graduate Course where you will learn about the concepts related to management of Logistics & Supply Chain related activities in an organization and their application.