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KV Institute of Management (KVIM) is one of the Top Ranked B Schools (Business School) located in Coimbatore offering full-time MBA courses. We are awarded as one of the best colleges for MBA in Coimbatore. Our MBA programs got ranked nationally by many top magazines. The MBA (Master of Business Administration) program offered at KVIM is approved by AICTE. Anna University has given the Permanent Affiliation and approval to conduct the following Degree Courses in Management.

“Over the years, KVIM has been ranked by many magazines and consistently ranked higher. Presently, KVIM is top-ranked among the best MBA colleges in Coimbatore / Tamil Nadu / India.


To be a Center of Excellence for the holistic development of Businesses, Entrepreneurship and Research in Management.


  1. Holistic development of Businesses through partnering with Industries and grooming  leaders who are current and practical in application of Management skills
  2. Entrepreneurship through exposure to real world opportunities and continued support for success
  3. Research in Management through modern methods making important contributions for business transformation
  4. Global managerial skills through imparting knowledge related to effective communication and comprehension, value-based leadership, team dynamics, legal and ethical values and goal orientation

KVIM offers MBA in the following Specialisations


  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management
  • Business Analytics

SECTORAL SPECIALIZATION (Single specialization)

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Infrastructure and Real Estate Management
  • Tourism Management

MBA in Digital Marketing AND Data Science (Sub specialization AVAILABLE for all)

Students have the opportunity to take two or more combinations of these specialisations.  In a span of 5 years, KVIM full time MBA is ranked among the Best and Top MBA institutes in Coimbatore. Among the awards received, KVIM was awarded the Best Promising Management Institute in South India. If you are on the look out for the Best and/or Top college for MBA in Coimbatore, you are in the right place.

Total Approved Seats for MBA (Full Time) - (60 Management, 60 Merit) - Total 120

Academic Calendar


Course Code Course Credits Category
BA4101 Statistics for Management 3 PCC
BA4102 Management Concepts and Organizational Behavior 3 PCC
BA4103 Managerial Economics 3 PCC
BA4104 Accounting for Decision Making 3 PCC
BA4105 Legal Aspects of Business 3 PCC
BA4106 Information Management 3 PCC
  Non-Functional Elective 3 NEC
BA4111 Indian ethos (Seminar) 2 EEC
BA4112 Business Communication (Laboratory) 2 EEC
Course Code Course Credits Category
BA4201 Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making 3 PCC
BA4202 Financial Management Behavior 3 PCC
BA4203 Human Resource Management 3 PCC
BA4204 Operations Management 3 PCC
BA4205 Business Research Methods 3 PCC
BA4206 Business Analytics 3 PCC
BA4207 Marketing Management 3 PCC
BA4211 Business Ethics (Seminar) 2 EEC
BA4212 Data analysis and Business Modelling (Laboratory) 2 PCC
Course Code Course Credits Category
BA4301 Strategic Management 3 PCC
BA4302 International Business 3 PCC
  Professional Elective I 3 PEC
  Professional Elective II 3 PEC
  Professional Elective III 3 PEC
  Professional Elective IV 3 PEC
  Professional Elective V 3 PEC
  Professional Elective VI 3 PEC
BA4311 Creativity and Innovation Laboratory 3 EEC
BA4312 Summer Internship 3 EEC
Course Code Course Credits Category
BA4411 Project Work 12 EEC
Course Code Course Credits Category
BA4032 Entrepreneurship Development 3 NEC
BA4033 Event Management 3 NEC
Course Code Course Credits Category
Sectoral Specialization: Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BA4001 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 3 PEC
BA4002 Financial Markets 3 PEC
BA4003 Banking and Financial Services 3 PEC
BA4004 Financial Derivatives 3 PEC
BA4005 Financial Modelling 3 PEC
BA4006 International Finance 3 PEC
BA4007 Behavioral Finance 3 PEC
Stream/ Specialization : Marketing Management [ 7 ]
BA4008 Retail Marketing 3 PEC
BA4009 Consumer Behavior 3 PEC
BA4010 Integrated Marketing Communication 3 PEC
BA4011 Services Marketing 3 PEC
BA4012 Sales and Distribution Management 3 PEC
BA4013 Product and Brand Management 3 PEC
BA4014 Digital Marketing 3 PEC
Stream/ Specialization : Human Resource Management [ 6 ]
BA4015 Strategic Human Resource Management 3 PEC
BA4016 Industrial relations and labour legislations 3 PEC
BA4017 Organizational, design, change and development 3 PEC
BA4018 Negotiation and conflict management 3 PEC
BA4019 Reward and Compensation management 3 PEC
BA4020 International Human Resource Management 3 PEC
Stream/ Specialization : Operations Management [ 6 ]
BA4021 Supply Chain Management    
BA4022 Quality Management 3 PEC
BA4023 Materials Management 3 PEC
BA4024 Services Operations Management 3 PEC
BA4025 Supply Chain Analytics 3 PEC
BA4026 Project Management 3 PEC
Stream/ Specialization : Financial Management [ 7 ]
BA4027 Data Mining for Business Intelligence 3 PEC
BA4028 Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence 3 PEC
BA4029 Social media web Analytics 3 PEC
BA4030 E-Business Management 3 PEC
BA4031 Enterprise Resource Planning 3 PEC
Course Code Course Credits Category
Sectoral Specialization: Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BA4051 Supply Chain Concepts and Planning 3 PEC
BA4052 Sourcing and Supply Management 3 PEC
BA4053 Supply Chain Inventory Management 3 PEC
BA4054 Supply Chain Information System 3 PEC
BA4055 Warehouse Management 3 PEC
BA4056 Transportation and Distribution Management 3 PEC
BA4057 Reverse and Contract Logistics 3 PEC
BA4058 Air Cargo Management 3 PEC
BA4059 Containerization and Allied Business 3 PEC
BA4060 Exim Management 3 PEC
BA4061 Fundamentals of Shipping 3 PEC
BA4062 Port and Terminal Management 3 PEC
Sectoral Specialization : Infrastructure and Real Estate Management
BA4063 Infrastructure Planning Scheduling and Control 3 PEC
BA4064 Contracts and Arbitration 3 PEC
BA4065 Project Management for Infrastructure 3 PEC
BA4066 Management of Human Resources, Safety and Quality 3 PEC
BA4067 Disaster Mitigation and Management 3 PEC
BA4068 Economics and Financial Management in Construction 3 PEC
BA4069 Urban Environmental Management 3 PEC
BA4070 Smart Materials, Techniques and Equipments for Infrastructure 3 PEC
Sectoral Specialization : Tourism Management
BA4072 Real Estate Marketing and Management 3 PEC
BA4073 Infrastructure and Real Estate Entrepreneurship 3 PEC
BA4074 Valuation of Real Estate and Infrastructure Assets 3 PEC
Sectoral Specialization : Tourism Management
BA4075 Tourism Principles and Practices 3 PEC
BA4076 Travel Management 3 PEC
BA4077 International Tourism 3 PEC
BA4078 Tourism Geography 3 PEC
BA4079 Culture and Heritage 3 PEC
BA4080 Tourism Products in India 3 PEC
BA4081 Accommodation and House Keeping Management 3 PEC
BA4082 Travel Media and Public Relations 3 PEC
BA4083 Destination Planning and Management 3 PEC
BA4084 Tour Operations 3 PEC
BA4085 Leisure and Recreation Management 3 PEC
BA4086 Medical Tourism 3 PEC