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  • KVIMIS Image- BSchool, Coimbatore
  • KVIMIS Image- BSchool, Coimbatore
  • KVIMIS Image- BSchool, Coimbatore

KVIMPEO1 : To have a deeper knowledge of the core aspects of business
KVIMPEO2 : To provide the learners with the exposure to solve business situations using tools and to analyze and create newer opportunities
KVIMPEO3 : To develop the ability to take a holistic approach towards management functions
KVIMPEO4 : To encourage continuous learning and develop resilience to unstable environment
KVIMPEO5 : To appreciate and motivate the practice of ethical standards in business


KVIM2013PO-1 : Deeper clarity in oral and written communication with the use of modern Presentation/Communication methods, understand the nuances of Communication and negotiation to make better decisions and in turn  achieve the intended goal
KVIM2013PO-2 : Acquire and Apply in-depth knowledge in management theories and practices towards extending management knowledge through research and/or to resolve management problems.
KVIM2013PO-3 : Ability to choose and use appropriate modern tools to develop in-depth analytical and critical thinking to extend the knowledge of management through research and/or derive business  decisions.
KVIM2013PO-4 : Develop leadership ability to choose between right and wrong (being ethical), make decisions with integrity and social responsibility, professional conduct while making business decisions  towards a sustainable society/community development.
KVIM2013PO-5 : Ability to lead themselves and others for achieving organizational goals through peer learning, self motivation, interface across management domains, use of project management techniques while considering the economical and social factors.
KVIM2013PO-6 : Ability to explore and reflect on managerial challenges and develop decision models to withstand unstable situations.
KVIM2013PO-7 : Develop ability to view the world from a wider and global perspective with the an understanding to analyze Information and communicate on the global, economic, legal and ethical aspects of business with continuous learning from peers, training tools and everyone around.
KVIM2013PO-8 : Develop belief and commitment in lifelong learning, take up challenging assignments to improve self confidence and knowledge in chosen area for the greater good.
KVIM2013PO-9 : Develop a sense of self assessment in order to improve without external feedback.