Business Development:

These are a set of programs that are aimed towards the following outcomes:

1. Solidify the skills of a team leader/employee who has the potential to lead teams

2. Those with a need to work with larger teams and understand the team dynamics

3. Better ability to process market and research data to help grow business


Program Code Title Details
EEB061701 Personal Leadership Skill Development

Self Motivation

Confidence building

Goal setting

Etiquette & Dress code

Body language Skills

Attitude building

Interpersonal skills


Leadership Skills for Team Leader and above

Practicable Leadership Skills

Time Management

Public speaking Techniques

Stress management

EEB061703 Excelling on data processing for Managers

Understanding Microsoft Excel for business

Applying Excel in Business Scenarios

EEB061704 Excelling on data presentation for Managers

Understanding Microsoft Powerpoint for business

Understanding Prezi, Infographics etc.

Applying Excel skills on data presentation

EEB061705 Professional selling skills

Highlight the importance of individual roles in achieving higher sales by displaying the right attitude

Appreciate the sales process for winning every Time

Internalize the skills/techniques required to enhance sales efficacy for maximum gains

Art of prospecting

Handling prospects with different attitudes

Developing a competitive approach

EEB061706 Leading with Passion

Visionary outlook

Empowering, motivating and inspiring others

Leading by example

Integrity towards inner value

EEB061707 Influence through communication

Develop an effective and powerful culture of successful communication in organization

Equip individuals to nurture and retain result  oriented delighted relationship

4Ps of Effective Communication – Purpose, Power, Process and perspective

Barriers to successful communications

Non-Verbal communication – Uses & Abuses

Styles in communication to pace and influence different types of people