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Updated: 5 hours 46 min ago

Oil Market Is Expected to Get Tighter, as Prices Rise

Thu, 01/20/2022 - 01:06
The International Energy Agency said demand for oil this year was likely to be higher than expected. Prices are already nearing $90 a barrel.

Chicago Public Media Is Set to Acquire The Chicago Sun-Times

Thu, 01/20/2022 - 00:55
In an unlikely media deal, the big-city tabloid would become a subsidiary of the nonprofit organization that brings listeners “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me.”

Searching for Pfizer’s Paxlovid Pills When Mom Got Covid

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 23:54
The experience showed how hard it is for many people to get potentially lifesaving treatments.

Laurel Cutler, a Power in Advertising’s Golden Age, Dies at 94

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 22:57
In her five decades on Madison Avenue, she cracked the glass ceiling at a time when women were rarely seen in the executive suite.

Amazon Unveils Title for Big-Budget ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 22:34
The series, “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” will take place thousands of years before the events of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

How Microsoft Bought Activision Blizzard

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 18:55
The blockbuster deal for the video game maker came together quickly and opportunistically.

Britain’s inflation rate climbs to its highest in 30 years.

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 18:47
The consumer price index rose to 5.4 percent in December from a year earlier, adding to concerns about painful months ahead for household budgets.

Tech Start-Ups Reach a New Peak of Froth

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 15:30
There’s more money and more bubbly behavior. Investors insist it’s rational.

Has the Pandemic Undermined Off-Season Deals?

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 15:30
In many places, high-occupancy rates are inflating prices for budget-minded travelers who count on off-peak periods to find the best bargains. Here’s what to do and where to look.

A Guide to Quitting Your Job

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 15:30
From understanding why you want to leave to tackling health insurance and retirement plans, here’s your guide to a graceful exit — without leaving money on the table.

Facing a Shortage of Truck Drivers, Pilot Program Turns to Teenagers

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 15:29
A federal apprenticeship program will train thousands of new truck drivers who are as young as 18.

U.K. Inflation Rate Climbs to Its Highest in 30 Years

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 14:41
The consumer price index rose to 5.4 percent in December from a year earlier, adding to concerns about painful months ahead for household budgets.

Britney Spears Fights Father’s Fee Claim, Alleging Financial Misconduct

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 08:05
Jamie Spears, suspended as his daughter’s conservator, wants her to pay his legal costs. A filing by her lawyer outlined accusations against him.

Gamers Greet Microsoft’s Activision Deal With Guarded Optimism

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 06:24
Some players, unhappy with Activision in recent years, said the Microsoft deal could reverse a decline in quality.

AT&T to Delay 5G Service at Some Airports After Airlines Warn of Chaos

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 06:21
Whether the change would end the long conflict between the telecom and aviation industries wasn’t clear.

Vishal Garg Is Back as CEO After Firing 900 Workers on Zoom

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 06:17
The company said it had conducted a “thorough, independent” review of its culture.

Editor Files Discrimination Suit Against The New York Post

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 05:51
In the lawsuit, Michelle Gotthelf said the tabloid’s longtime top editor, Col Allan, had retaliated against her after she turned down a sexual proposition.

A.V. Club staff members lose their jobs after refusing a move to Los Angeles.

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 04:43
The employees’ union was critical of G/O Media’s plan to close the Chicago office and relocate workers without a cost-of-living adjustment.

More delays, more uncertainty, more masks: Manhattan employers adjust plans once again.

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 04:36
A new survey of 187 businesses shows just how much the Omicron variant has upended plans to get back into the office.

Microsoft to Buy Activision Blizzard for Nearly $70 Billion

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 04:09
With the deal, the largest in the software maker’s history, Microsoft will acquire Activision’s huge pool of users and access to some of the world’s most popular games.