Profitable Business Area for Home Makers

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The growing diverse job opportunities in emerging fields have opened new avenues for home-based jobs and businesses. This is a blessing for housewives and moms as they get a dual benefit of earning more money by doing business from their homes while having enough time for their families. Apart from the regular business cake making, candle making, selling homemade foods, beauty parlours etc, there are a lot of creative and profitable opportunities available in the following areas.


One of the most popular home-based business for everyone including housewives is blogging. If you are good in terms of content creation, it is easy to make money using your creative ideas. With a minimum capital of Rs 5000, you can earn fairly a good sum by installing Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing or selling your own products (or) services etc.

2.Account Keeping

If you are a commerce graduate with an expertise in accounting, you can start home-based accounting business. Many small companies are looking for people, who can effectively manage their company accounts and prepare a balance sheet for them. It is an evergreen business without any investment.

3.PTC Jobs (Paid to Click)

With a basic computer operating skill and an interest in internet browsing,you can easily start this business from home. There are many websites on the internet where you can make a free registration to take up PTC jobs. This home business will pay you money for clicking and viewing ads on your computer. You just need to have a PayPal account to get your payments.

4. Online Travel Guide:

The number of tourists who like to visit interesting, admiring, adventurous places are on a rise. This new trend opens earning opportunities for all who can provide best travel guide services to the tourists. You can make some good income by planning their trip and guiding them to find some more interesting places.

5. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a way through which you can earn a decent income by selling other merchant’s products (or) services. This is a nice business idea for housewives because no products or no physical store setup are required. Just Google to find some reputed affiliate marketing program and register a free account with them. Just you must find some of the bestselling products and promote using your marketing strategies. On every successful sale, you will earn a commission.

6. Business Coaching Service:

This part-time business is suitable for educated housewives who have completed their master’s degree program (or) have practical administrative experience. As a freelance business coach, your prime duty will be to empower small business owners and managers to improve their performance in their work, personal development, and career growth.

7.Event Planning Service:

This small home business is easy to start, profitable and really you will enjoy when doing. It is a process of planning some events held by corporate (or) businesses to their staffs, clients etc. Some of the events you can arrange include a weekend dining party, business conference, seminar, birthday celebrations etc. As an event planner, you must fix the things such as time, actions, and transportation etc. With a name to your startup, a business card, an online portfolio (blog) and some unique ideas to canvas, you can be a successful event planner.