Voice Assistant Transforming Information Landscape

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Voice Assistants are the virtual Assistants that use the technique of voice recognition. This technique can provide answers to the queries of users through phone and voice recognition applications. These are nowadays used in various areas to provide proper services to the user. They are built by Artificial Intelligence. Once the user interact with the virtual assistant, then AI programming uses certain algorithms understands the input and identifies the user needs. There are different set of algorithms used by AI according to the type of the query.



The first voice recognition assistant was introduced by the Bell Labs in 1952 and named as Audrey. Then in 2011 Apple launched Siri, 3 years later in year 2014 Amazon introduced Echo which has shown major changes in the Information Technology Industry.

Popular Voice Assistants
There are many popular Voice Assistants are in market today which includes Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana.
The Voice assistant has split into 4 categories based on the types of searches.
1. Personal Assistant27- Appointment reminders, online bookings, shopping lists.
2. General Information30- banking and finance, recipes, travel.
3. Fun and Entertainment21- listening to music, games and social media, sports.
4. Local Information22- traffic, local events, restaurants, home services.
Apple Siri
Siri is available in all Apple’s IPhone and iPads. Using Siri we can set alarms, keep reminders and take notes. It can be used in all personal languages. It can pull datas from various places in the web so the results are likely to be more useful.
You can also use Siri to call people without even touching it, Set timer for our daily purposes, Play songs from favorite artist.
Google Now
It is used in Ios and Android phones. Google Now is used for tracking the stocks which you have searching on Google Finance, Shows the nearby places, events, shows the distance travelled by a person in 1 month,  Gives information about the latest new updates, tv shows updates. It has mostly all features to search for a query.
Amazon Alexa
Echo Smart home speaker uses Amazon’s Alexa Virtual Assistant. Now Alexa and Echo are at Google Home with Google Assistant.
Echo can control the automation devices of home, Entertain kids for long time, Get recipes of cooking.
Alexa can do anything practically in the web.
Microsoft Cortana
Cortana is a digital agent. Type a question in the search box and talk to Cortana using microphone.
Give reminders on time, places or people, track flights and teams, Manage calendar upto date, create and manage lists, find files.
Future of Digital Assistants
The usage of Digital Assistants is increasing widely and trends are continuing day by day. These searches are getting more popular among the younger generations and Information industry trying to bring new applications to the market. The distance between the online and offline will change.