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SEO is abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization. The objective of SEO is to increase traffic of the websites using various techniques. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing go through all the pages of websites using programs called "Crawlers" on the internet to collect information and store. Search engines use a specific search algorithm to show results based on keywords searched. SEO is primarily used to order the way keyword-based links are shown to the end user. A prospective customer or buyer search for information on the Internet when a seller gets listed based on the level their site is positioned. The technique of showing results on top may be accomplished using organic or paid methods.


Backlinks are also known as inbound links that is the current trend in SEO. When a website links to another site, the link between the two sites are Backlinks. If many sites link to the same webpage or website then Backlinks have the better effect on increasing the website’s ranking factor and visibility.
Backlinks have an important role in SEO because most search engines like Google will give high credibility to the websites with more Backlinks and thinks that they are more relevant for result pages in the search query.

Importance of Backlinks in SEO
Each backlink have their own value. Earning Backlinks from trustworthy and popular sites are the most important links to the site and earning links from low authority or third party sites will be considered in the other part. High quality Backlinks will increase the traffic of the website. The content related to our website is considered as highly relevant and content not related to our website will be considered as less relevant. Backlinks can be in the form of an image or text.  If the link is in form of image the anchor link text is the alternative text of the image. Anchor link text is used to create the backlink. Example as the company name or the business name. Backlinks are the most important in the search engine rankings. The number and quality of the links pointing to your site will generate the traffic to the website. In order to be competitive in this generation SEO is most required to all the business for their success.

Having lots of low quality backlinks in the site will surely affect the ranking factor of the website.

Advantages of the Backlinks in SEO
1. Backlinks helps in generating organic results and better rankings.
2. It allows faster indexing like crawlers go search for the proper content and produces results on that basis.
3. They can generate more referral traffic to the prominent sites.
4. Good blogs, articles and content also generate large amount of traffic to the websites.

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