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      Young minds are of dreams and desires to aspire. As students graduate, there is a pitfall in their minds. Sometimes it becomes difficult to make decisions between higher studies and job opportunities. There are hundreds of questions running in a student’s mind on the selection of courses for higher studies. There are a segment of students who wish to become entrepreneurs but still, they feel nervous where, when and how to get started. They are quizzed with “Do I have the skills to get started? If not, how can I gain the required skill set?


   KVIM B-School gives you an answer to these questions. Our structured Leadership and Entrepreneurship program gives you a key to kick start your new venture. Along with the regular Anna university syllabus, we also provide specific courses on entrepreneurship development through our ED-cell. We are associated with 160+ companies for collaborations at various levels. We have regular tech-talks from entrepreneurs across the industries who share their experience on present and emerging market trends. Our programs also help students to get connected with various entrepreneurs and work with them to understand the nuance of the industry even before they could start up a business. We do provide paid internship opportunities for students to develop their skill sets in the areas of their interest. Our leadership and empowerment programs are lead by industrial experts who personally sit with the students for a one to one meeting, mentor them stage by stage and prepare them for a competitive edge.

   Our entrepreneurship development is a five stage program where

    We discover the young talents and understand their areas of interest. We help them open up their fresh ideas, their urge to learn new businesses and the opportunities available in the market.
    On identifying the key potential of the student we channelize them to the right industrial experts. We do help them to gain the business knowledge through internships, tech-talks, life coaches and business events. We associate our students in Industrial trade fairs, Rotaract clubs, BNI admirals and keeps the students focused on their goals. Our B-School students are encouraged and given opportunities to participate in business and trade events that happen in and around South India.
     There is a shortfall of job opportunities in the formal sector and Micro/Macro enterprises aims at filling these gaps. Micro/Macro Enterprises help in national wide development by not only creating job opportunities but also lowering production costs, increasing purchasing power and providing convenience. Our intensive Entrepreneurship curriculum provides experimental program for our developing professionals. We develop extensive programs to promote Micro/Macro enterprise development. Our faculties do extensive search on Entrepreneurial eco-system to study social and economical impact on local and regional entrepreneurs. We believe that conducive eco-system have the highest probability of brining success for an entrepreneur. Our result oriented training models on new idea generation, strategic decision making, creative and innovate design thinking, product prototyping and developing skills on elevation pitch nurtures our entrepreneurs build strong leadership. Our program also focuses on Concept to Commercialise were our students are trained on promoting new products and services. Our Concept to Commercialise help students understand the need for product promotion, customer reach and incremental improvements on quality of product and service.
    A business plan also requires software extensive knowledge. At KV along with Anna University syllabus we have KV specialized technical programs to help students compete the market with their software knowledge. Keeping ourselves in pace with the market, we have specialised programs on Data Analytics (HR, Marketing, Finance), Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Business Research Software tools, Software Analysis and Design, AI for Business Intelligence and Data Visualization and Project Management.
     The organizations that invest in soft skills training are the ones growing in revenue and leading their industries. In many organizations soft skill trainings are overlooked as they are not tangible compared to other skill sets. But we at KV are more focused on soft skill trainings. As entrepreneurs it’s highly important to communicate precisely and win the market. Our training programs are specially designed by experts in the areas of business communication. We at KV strive hard in developing our students in analytical and problem solving skills, decision making skills, techniques to boost productivity among employees, handling complex tasks more efficiently, ways to win a business deal and strategies to understand customer and employee mindset.
    On completion of the course and the KV specialised programs we evaluate the students who have really impressed us with their continuous hard work and dedication. We help them analyse the opportunities in the areas of choice and support them to start up with their business proposal. We help them set standards and the assessment criteria and sees if the company is working towards the set goals. We do educate our students on the financial supports the government provides for start up companies and connect them to the financial institutions.

Our programs not only focus on self-employment but also nurture you to become global leaders in the industry. At KV we believe, meeting the needs and aspirations of young people will define the future of our nation. We work towards empowering young minds by understanding and capitalising their potential. Growth of the nation lies in the development of rural India and KV strives hard in nurturing students from rural areas who aspire to build themselves day after day.

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Managing Director
KV Institute of Management and Information Studies
Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India