Drones In Modern Business Management

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), colloquially known as drones, are reinventing old businesses and creating newer opportunities for modern business management.Either remotely controlled by a human operator or autonomously by onboard computers, the use of drones has grown rapidly in recent years with increasing number of organisations investing in drones for their commercial operations.

Apart from Amazon being well known for its public testing of drones with Amazon Air, companies like BBC (drone journalism),Easy jet (drones for assessing aircraft damage),DHL (quick delivery of medical appliances) YO! Sushi restaurant (drones as flying waiters) etc are some of the companies using drones extensively. Also, the list of businesses using drones for a variety of reasons is growing as drones have huge potential from delivering pizza to aiding search and rescue missions.

Drones in Supply Chain:

Today more and more companies are looking into drone technology to assist with logistics and supply chain management. From direct to consumer delivery, drones are extensively used for tracking inventory, internal delivery of goods, surveillance activities etc.For instance Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is testing drones to manage its warehouse inventory more efficiently, Alibaba the Chinese e-commerce conglomerate, issuing drones to deliver packages over water, and Flipkart is looking at drones for rural deliveries of their products.

Drones in marketing:

Drones can be the stars of a marketing campaign. Some marketers are already capitalizing on the fact that many people simply like to watch drones fly around.Incorporating the drones in their marketing campaign “Happiness from the Skies,” Coke delivered cans of soda and handwritten “thank you” notes to the singaporean migrant workers who are building the city’s high-rise buildings. Traditionally, marketing consisted of print ads, TV commercials, billboards, and Internet ads, but recently drones provide new opportunities that marketers can take advantage of. The advertising agency Hungry Boys launched a drone-vertising campaign for the noodle shop chain Wokker. They used drones to carry small fliers past the windows of Moscow office buildings, promoting the shop’s lunch specials just before lunch-time.

Drones in HR:

Companies in an effort to curb workplace mishaps and meet employee safety regulations are using drones to monitor employees working in remote areas. For instant inspection drones are used at Shell, that provides images of areas, where workers previously had to abseil to reach. Also, drones can ease the process of inventory tracking for employees without the need of human intervention.The drone has come as a path-breaking technology for some companies to attract the best talents. Yes, businesses especially in the ‘Silicon Valley’ are using drones to attract and hire potential candidates. They are using a fleet of drones with catchy messages to lure prospective candidates.

Even though they are still in the infancy stage, drones can be extensively used in various product and service industries. Of course, there are regulations to follow and the legislation is a bit unclear, drones will be truly redefining the frontiers of modern management practices.