Creative HR Job Titles

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Recently, HR job titles have begun to expand beyond traditional titles. More established companies are also starting to experiment with different HR job titles as a way of acknowledging the expanded range of responsibilities now taken on by HR professionals. Some of the highly paid creative HR jobs are listed below

Chief Happiness Officer:

Chief Happiness Officer is, in its essence, an HR Manager with a special qualification: he/she believes happy employees make better employees. Apart from engaging employees, motivating them to raise performance, a CHO ensures a happy experience and a happiness-driven workplace.Google has a resident Chief Happiness Officer (CHO), or “Jolly Good Fellow” as the role is officially known and he is responsible for a range of staff happiness initiatives of the company.

Chief Learning Officer:

A chief learning officer (CLO) is the highest-ranking corporate officer in charge of learning management. CLOs may be experts in corporate or personal training, with degrees in business or similar fields. Qualified CLOs should be able to drive the corporate strategy and align the development of people with the business goals of the organization. Syndicate Bank has a chief learning officer with a salary of Rs 120000 per month.

Rewards Recognition Manager:

Reward & Recognition Manager is responsible for implementing the reward and recognition strategies, plans events and acts as an internal resource on HR policies and procedures to provide efficient and effective employee relations support to the business units. With salaries ranging from Rs 40000 to Rs 150000 companies like Bank of America and Marriott international do have such job openings.

Vibe Manager:

Vibe managers are responsible for planning office parties, workplace outings, dinners and other activities that are in sync with current trends in the concerned industry. They need to find the best venues, hotels, menus and places to connect employees and clients.Companies like Amazon,Four Seasons appoint vibe managers with a hefty salary of Rs 70000 to Rs 100000 per month.

Employee Engagement Manager:

Developing long-term strategies and key initiatives to promote and achieve a culture of excellence and employee engagement will be the prime tasks of the employee engagement manager.He also develops employee recognition strategies, including reviewing, evaluating, and making recommendations for departmental recognition programs.This manager provides approachable and professional support to employees by phone, email and in person on all employment matters or personal issues that may be impacting at work.

Director, People Operations

As the Director of People Operations,your focus will be on developing the members of the team, creating exciting career paths, and fostering a community of high performance, innovation, and passion.Talent acquisition, performance management and professional development of the employees will be the focus in this job.Paypal,Microsoft,Choice hotels pay an attractive package ranging from Rs 80000 to Rs 120000 per month.

Apart from these titles, the other creative trending HR jobs that offer a good salary package include,Chief Human Capital Officer,HR Data Analyst,Director HR Transformation,Head of HR Excellence,Performance Consultant,Online Learning Designer,Director Talent Acquisition,Cognitive Recruitment Assistant,Employee Experience Designer.

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