Staff Policies&Procedures

KV management wants to ensure that each staff member experience a pleasant career at KV where they develop themselves and others to become outstanding management professionals in future. In order to accomplish this and to take KV Institution to the next level, the following are some staff policies and procedures that must be followed by every employee from the day they join the Institution -

  1. Work HARD towards delivery of quality education and value to every one of our students. Look for ways to constantly improve the value we deliver to students.

  2. We are all professionals, treat every one professionally. No Obscene words to be used at no cost.(It can be a driver or a building worker or cleaning lady - All are HUMANS).
    Cooperation and sharing of knowledge between each and every staff member is a MUST (Feel free to share what you know. We are all here to learn and no one is going to gain anything by hiding information.)

  3. Salary information must be kept confidential at all times and cannot be shared with anyone. Such violations when proven will lead to disciplinary action and up to termination.

  4. Recognize and help others to maximize on the positives and help each other to correct their negatives. Distractions in any form to a peers work effort will not be tolerated.
    If you have a doubt, ASK for clarification. Even if you don't understand an email communication, request clarification. It is okay to ask for help to understand.
    Sloppiness at workplace or failure to reflect the truth cannot be tolerated. Unethical activities when observed must be escalated up to management immediately.
    Bringing discipline in to a student's career is our responsibility and it starts from the class room. Be strict and ensure they know that we have a reason to be strict (grow them to be a disciplined leader)

  5. NO Staff member can take his/her cell phone in to the class during class hours. If you are expecting a call from a family member, rely on Office Staff to attend calls and communicate to you. NO Personal calls longer than 5minutes is allowed during work hours.
    Student cell phones - One call allowed per day. If a student receives or responds to more than one text message during class, he/she must be disciplined.
    OFFICIAL Cell phones - Professors are given cell phones for official calling from time to time and those phones must be used for official activity only. Calls are monitored and any use outside of official calls will require payment of full monthly bill in full or part to the Institution. When a professor loses a device, it is his/her responsibility to replace it in the same condition.

  6. Internet access is monitored. Visiting websites outside of business/educational use must be avoided.

  7. A report of student distractions outside of normal activities (other than academics) must be reported to the principal on a daily basis and any necessary followup must be taken and reported on a weekly basis.

  8. The number of paid time off towards Professional Development by attending external conferences will be 6 days (1 every other month) and time spent towards research work for the Ph.D can go up to 6 days (1 every other month). During such absences, the employee has to make alternate arrangements to ensure uninterrupted work flow. An email or form with request for approval must be sent to the Principal and MD and once approved, cc'd to all those staff who will be covering the classes in his/her absence. Multiple UN-Scheduled absence without a medical certificate will lead to disciplinary action.

  9. Professors must submit their original certificates on the date of joining. A submission receipt may be received upon submission. Certificates may be obtained for a stipulated period for other use after submitting a request and following the formalities set at the office. Professor certificates will be held to quickly respond to audit requirements that may occur at anytime during the academic year.

  10. Students cannot be used as helpers unless the activity involves a professional development. (STUDENTS ARE OUR CUSTOMERS)
    All student and staff direction/communication must happen over email and in ENGLISH. Treating a peer or subordinate must require cordial business like relationship and cannot involve un professional nor demeaning attitude. ALL grievances from the staff can be directly communicated to management at the following numbers - 9500777781 or 9500333370 or 9843086670.

  11. Staff MUST use board or powerpoint slide presentations for every class handled. Each unit handled must reported for completion on the daily registers. No UNIT or topic can be left unhandled. Each unit notes must be prepared and loaded to portal for student use. Staff is responsible to monitor learning and understanding of every student in class. It is the staff responsibility to encourage students to focus on studies/class. The notes prepared must follow simpler language and must report directly to the topic. Each previous year question paper must be answered and loaded to portal along with the notes.
    Follow the presentation standards/templates etc when preparing slides.

  12. Class discipline issues must go to the class advisor/HOD/MENTOR/PRINCIPAL. All issues and responses must be communicated via email.

  13. Retests must be conducted within 2 working days. All answer papers must be corrected within 3 working days and marks submitted to the Class Advisor. When setting question papers for Internal exams, old question paper must be referred. Any wrong answer must be corrected by student and submitted after the correction of papers.
    Attendance must be monitored on a DAILY basis by the CLASS INCHARGE and parents be communicated if the student fails to show up for class. Those lagging below University required levels must be asked to bring parents and closely monitored the following months. It is a responsibility of the advisor/CLASS INCHARGE.

  14. 2 INTERNAL Exams and 1 MODEL EXAM must be conducted. Mistakes AND Answers to questions must be discussed with the students. Students must submit a corrected response on everything they scored less than full marks. Daily class test during the first hour must be conducted and scores compared over time.
    Every class must have a discussion around a latest business topic from our portal. The topic chosen to be related to the subject, topic handled and it MUST be included in the slideshow for that class. Every academic session must include a discussion of the latest business news. Ask students for their feedback on the topic so that they can think on their own.

  15. There should be no business dealings of any sort with the students
    Paper corrections must be fair and evenly balanced across the whole class..
    Staff decisions cannot be overridden explicitly in front of students.

  16. Staff issues and opinions about other staff CANNOT be discussed in ANY form with the students. Violation to this policy will lead to severe disciplinary action.
    "Academic year is marked as - July of Year TO June of Year +1. 

  17. Employees must sign the register at or before start of the work day and before the start of lunch session. Exceptions must be reported up to the principal or management immediately. Delays in signing the attendance register will lead to a (LL)leave marked with loss of pay irrespective of the accrued leave available. 

  18. Annual leave of 12 days excluding holidays declared by the institution is allowed. Leave days will accrue on a monthly basis and cannot be availed in advance. If so, it will be considered a loss of pay. En-cashing of UN-availed leave at the end of the academic year is not permitted. 

  19. Three permissions are allowed in a calendar month. UN-availed permissions will expire on the last day of the month. 

  20. All permissions and leave requests must go through Principal and management for final approval and the requests must be submitted at the earliest. Any requests received after the date of permission/leave will be considered as Leave on Loss of Pay. Late notifications will impact performance reviews. 

  21. Other annual leave during summer will be based on the tenure of the employee with the Company. Frequent use of 'leave on loss of pay' will affect performance reviews."
    Daily status reports MUST reflect the work performed on a given day. It is a vehicle to reflect the value that we bring to the organization. The work performed can be academic or non-academic but related to the overall growth of the organization.

  22. Classes must possess bidirectional communication. Students must be asked to participate and understand that any topic has multiple solution and accept and encourage student feedback and not discourage their participation.

  23. Timeliness in completion of every assigned task/syllabus/slide uploading is important. When working with other staff members, ensure that enough time is given when requesting completion of assigned tasks.

  24. CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT - Employees are REQUIRED to keep all business news/tips/tricks/campaign data etc confidential and not share (in any form) with anyone. Violators will face criminal charges.

  25. Classes MUST be handled in ENGLISH ONLY. Student and Staff communications MUST happen in ENGLISH. Other language cannot be used more than 20%. When student requests, staff may explain topics in their native language. However, it cannot be done for more than 20% of the class hours
    Professors are required to pay for transportation unless an exception is received with an approval from management for travel.
    Staff are required to use suits or blazers with tie before going in front of students.
    Staff may be deputed for outside work to represent the organization from time to time and it is mandatory to attend/ participate.

  26. Staff are expected to involve themselves in personal/professional development activities such as but not limited to
    1) Attending seminars
    2) FDP programs
    3) MDP programs
    4) EDC programs
    5) Paper presentations etc
    and ensure that they keep themselves updated at all times. A minimum of 3 papers must be submitted by a staff in a given academic year to get full credit in PD section the reviews.

  27. The organisation will derive its annual revisions and promotions based on individual performance in the following order of priority (1 being highest)
    1) Academic subject results and student feedback (50%)
    2) Involvement in organizing programs, brand development and admission campaign participation from within the Institution (20%)
    3) Involvement in training and directing students to compete in outside competitions and win (15%)
    4) Paper presentations and professional development activities (NET, SET, Ph.D, MPhil, seminar attendance etc) (15%)
    Employee Resignations: Institution follows a strict policy on resignations to ensure an un interrupted education access to students who have trusted us with their future. In lieu of that, Employees are required to submit a 3 month prior notice. Those who resign their jobs without a 3 month notice or during the academic year are required to pay 3 month salary* towards loss compensation and any other expense (in the form of reputation, training expenses, any other loss as determined by the Institution) to be compensated to the Institution. In other words, any expense/compensation in terms of money or materials or hours invested by the Institution must be refunded by the employee.

  28. 3 Consecutive days of non reported absence will lead to disciplinary action up to automatic termination. However, the employee must relieve properly for entitlement of any remuneration/clearance of dues or else, the dues (if any from the institution) will be forfeited. 


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