Events and Achievements


KV - IM is known by the quality of the students it produces. our students have proved themselves to be the best at both the national and international stage time and again. The professionalism and competitive spirit that typifies a successful manager has been exuded by the students in the recent competitions and events conducted by companies and educational institutions. alike

  • 80 Students were participated in the All India Management Association - Business Simulation Event
  • Won first place in Idea Incubation at SNSRCAS
  • Won second place in DPL – A 20-20 Cricket league at KCT
  • Won second prize in Waste Management at SNSRCAS
  • Won third prize in short film contest held at SNSRCAS
  • Won the Overall TROPHY by winning in most management competition at SNS Arts and science
  • First place in Best Management Team conducted by GEM Business Academy, Erode.
  • First place in the “URJITH - 2010” conducted by GRG School of Business, Coimbatore.
  • Won prizes in South Zone Management Meet. Ÿ Won first place in “Confluence” at IIM Ahmadabad in the Business Simulation Game
  • First place in the Technical Symposium conducted by Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore.
  • First place in Body Building conducted by Anna University of Technology y, Coimbatore.
  • and many more..


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